Hotel Kiosk AGS-HPK-01

Hardware Specification


No Name
1  Touch Panel Monitor
2  IC Card Reader
3 IC Passport Reader
4 Credit Card Terminal
5 Thermal Printer
6 Keycard Dispenser 
7 Barcode Reader
8 Cabinet Design (Model on Pictures)


The Problems :

Time-consuming check-in / check-out procedures cause a long queue in front of the reception.

Miscommunication due to different languages will cause dissatisfaction and stress.

Staff should handle every job from front end to back end paperwork that will take time to do and causing lateness or overtime

The Solution :

Simplified your staff job desk and let them do another task more important, Check-In and Check-Out will be handled by our Self Service Kiosk

Benefit :

Guests are no longer needed to wait at front desk for check in/out. They can complete its process at hotel kiosk quicker and easier.

Easy to use, at most taking 3 minutes to complete the process

It comes with multilingual feature, voice guidance, LED lights, and user-friendly

Our System

Check-in Software

Select Check in


Reading ID Card (if you select 'ID Card' on the previous step)

Booking Information Confirmation Room Change / Add-on


T&C Reading


Select The Number of Keycard

Issue Keycard

Issue Some Slip or Receipt

Check-out Software

Select Check out

Insert All Room Keycard

Additional Fee Confirmation


Issue Receipt

Issue Coupons

Walk-in Software

Select Walk in

Enter Requirements

Select Room Type

Select Room

Room Information Selected Confirmation

Information Reserved Confirmation


Issue Receipt

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(021) 624 3282 / 3284


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