Hotel Self Check-In Kiosk
SELFQ is a Hotel Kiosk Brand that designed and manufactured in Indonesia. What makes us different are we have support team across Sumatra, Java and Bali, we have front end – back end developer team to support our products. And using only high grade material to build our kiosk. All packages are included integration with PMS and Door lock based on Hotel exisiting vendor. We required Hotel to contact their PMS and Door lock for real integration with our kiosk.
The Problems
1. Time-consuming check-in / check-out procedures cause a long queue in front of the reception. 2. Miscommunication due to different languages will cause dissatisfaction and stress. 3. Staff should handle every job from front end to back end paperwork that will take time to do and causing lateness or overtime.
The Solutions
Simplified your staff job desk and let them do another task more important, Check-In and Check-Out will be handled by our Self Service Kiosk
Guests are no longer needed to wait at front desk for check in/out. They can complete its process at hotel kiosk quicker and easier.
Easy to use, at most taking 1 minutes to complete the process.
Staff workload will become more effective as check in process is faster and handled by kiosk.
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