UVC Room Box
Item No : S001
Color : White
Material : Oxford cloth, paper board, silver aluminium coating film
Size : 280*280*220MM
Folded Size : 300*280*65mm
UV wavelength : 253.7nM & 185nM
Principle and Application : UVC 253.7nM & 185nM sterilization
Irradiance : >300*90% uw/cm2
Sterile Effect : Up to 99.9% bacteria
Working Time : 3 min
Power Rate : 2W-3W
Input : USB 5V/1A
Charging : USB Charging
Features : 1. Eliminating germs and up to 99.9% of bacteria.
2. Rapid disinfection.
3. Deep and intensive UV.
4. Portable design
5. Ozone.
UVC Light Room Box is a sterilizing or disifenction devices for your daily belongsings such as bags, clothes, and other larger items. You can place it at office, home, or in any places. This device will kill 99% germs. Equpped with automatic timer to save the battery and maintain effectiveness of its function.
Why UVC Room Box from us?
1. Flexible usage – can be used for bag, clothes and daily stuff.
2. USB Powered – sterilizer anywhere, anytime.
3. Large Box Capacity.
4. Sterilize within minutes.
5. Certified on Lab.
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