Table Top Ordering

Hardware Specification

No Description
2 285㎜(W)×203㎜(H)×17.5㎜(D)
3 940g
4 Android
5 10.1 TFT Touch Screen
6  1,280 × 800 (WXGA)

Kitchen Display Software

Hardware Specification

No Description
1 Display order in the kitchen
2 Assign order to designated section in the kitchen
3 Colorful icon to show status or alert
4 Assemble same menu


The Problems :

Customer dissatisfaction caused by inability of busy employees to answer questions.

Too busy to find the time to add menu items and train employees in order to increase sales.

The Solution :

By using emenu (TTO) or ticket vending machine (payment kiosk), customers can order food faster with easy menu.

Display monitor to show order list-up and printer will be placed in kitchen. With this, the whole process from food ordering to serving can be more efficient and monitored easily.

Benefit :

The efficient receipt of orders reduces errors and employees have more time for directly serving customers, which reduces waiting times.

Increases sales and customer satisfaction by improving the quality of services due to labor-saving benefits and higher efficiency.

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